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"Where the customer comes first."

Steve LaMott – Secretary/Treasurer/Quality Systems Representative

Centerless Grinding

Our experience in this art form makes us second to none.

The Team

Steve’s managerial, procurement, production control and supervision experience was acquired in the 27 years prior to 1994 during his employment at the following companies: Honeywell Inc, Alliant Techsystems, Electric Machinery Company, Tonka Corporation, Metal Products, Inc., Precision Products, and Metal Deburring, Inc.  Steve is best at finding creative ways of solving customer’s problems and reducing customer’s costs with his detailed understanding of all customer needs.

The most important assets at LaMott Enterprises are the people who work here. Our staff of dedicated professionals genuinely care about the quality of your parts.

Chris has developed a wide variety of experience from various types of businesses.  While earning his Business Administration degree, he worked for LaMott Enterprises as a machine operator.  Before returning to LaMott Enterprises, he broadened his knowledge by working for the following companies: Metro Sales, Xerox, Medical Action Industries, and Target Corporation.  From these companies, he gained vast knowledge and experience in the areas of sales, management, finance, auditing, and importing goods.  Chris continues his education by learning how to run a business from his father (Steve), as well as, understanding the world of machining from his two uncles.  The succession plan is now in place for the future of LaMott Enterprises ensuring the needs of customers will be fulfilled for years to come.

We've had a good long term relationship. You’re an experienced shop, whose greatest strengths are your Quality and Delivery.

Kerry J.


At the age of 7, Gerry was cleaning the chips off machines for his dad’s company.  When he was 16, he was training coworkers twice his age the art of centerless grinding.  Gerry was in the metal working industry when Swiss machines were cam operated, not CNC controlled.  He’s seen machines evolve from the Warner Swasey turret lathe to the multi-tasking/multi-spindle machines with live tooling like our Mazak Multiplex.  Gerry enjoys keeping up-to-date with machining enhancements and applies his 55 plus years experience to the technology of today. This has helped LaMott Enterprises remain open-minded when using newer and better technologies to take the imaginations of today and manufacture them into the products of tomorrow.

Jim has 31 years of experience in the metal working industry prior to starting LaMott Enterprises in 1994. In addition to being a US Marine Corp Veteran, Jim’s previous experience includes being a lead-man, an engineering technician, a supervisor, a manager, and a grinding consultant for the following companies: Precision Products & Metal Deburing, Gresen Mfg. Technical Tooling, Rite-Way Precision, Northwest Swissmatic, Rueter Mfg., Fab-Rite Mfg., Metal Masters, Summit Gear, J.L. Grinding, Anderson Automatic, UMC, and Northern Machine.  Jim takes pride in getting the job done regardless of how difficult it is or how close the tolerance may be.  He also has a unique ability of explaining to employees how to get difficult jobs done with ease.

Chris LaMott – Office Manager / ISO Coordinator

Jim LaMott - President – Manufacturing & Operations

Our job is to make you successful.

Gerry LaMott – Vice President – Sales & Marketing