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Blanchard Rotary Grinder

With a 48 inch table, our rotary surface grinder offers you a quick, cost effective way to precision-grind the face of your parts. 

Okamoto Surface Grinders with a 12" x 24" magnetic table.

Let us complete your tight tolerance parts with our precise, hydraulically operated surface grinders.  We'll give you the smooth and accurate finish you're looking for.

Tsugami B0326-II Swiss

Our latest 32mm, 6-axis machine.


We also have the latest tooling and inspection systems.

Tsugami BS32 Mark III (1.25”) CNC Swiss Lathe

Gardner Horizontal Double Disc Grinder

This highly efficient grinding method reduces pre-machining costs up to 50% and provides greater control of dimensional tolerances, parallelism, and flatness to ±.0002″.  Double-Disc Grinding uses two opposing abrasive wheels to simultaneously grind two sides of the material which achieves tolerances and surface finish superior to Blanchard Grinding or fly cutting.

Cincinnati #220-8 Centerless Grinders

Bar feed, thru feed & auto infeed options.

With these cylindrical grinders, we can hold tighter dimensional tolerances, achieve smoother surface finishes, and hold high degrees of straightness.


with bar feeder, high pressure coolant and live tooling. This machine has Polygon Milling capable of creating a hex in under 3 seconds.  Just another way that LaMott Enterprises can increase our productivity to save you money.

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Mazak Multiplex 6250 Multi-tasking (2.5” thru spindle)

This CNC Turning Center provides Multi-Tasking capability with dual-spindles, dual-turrets and rotary tool capability.  Both spindles can be used simultaneously to machine the front and back sides of parts, including milling operations. This is possible thanks to automatic work-piece transfer from one spindle to the other. Their synchronized rotation also delivers high-accuracy for operations involving longer shaft work with opposite part ends chucked in each spindle.

Some of the machines we have on hand are…

Okuma MX-45VAE Vertical Machining Center

with a 4th axis rotary table.

Our vertical mill has a thermo-friendly design that enables the ability to hold tight tolerances, making repeatability the norm.



Myford Cylindrical Grinders

Our external grinders are exact to .00005".  We can use centers, air collets, or manual closing collets to hold your parts.  We also have an angle head to grind cone shaped parts.

This job is for a repair to a VERY expensive shaft and you are about the only person I can think of to hold these insane tolerances.
Jeff R

Mazak Quick Turn 20 Universal CNC Turning Centers

with collet, chuck and bar feeder.

Our high-torque, high-speed turning spindles provide fast, accurate and aggressive metal removal capabilities.

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