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All three brothers grew up working at Precision Products Incorporated their father, Clarence LaMott's, machine shop.  Since their exposure to the family business, they’ve gained experience from other areas of manufacturing and now have over 150 years of combined experience from diverse manufacturing backgrounds.  They continue to remain aware of the latest technology trends which give them the advantage of producing high precision, low cost benefits to our customers.

Originally, LaMott Enterprises was a precision grinding house, performing the last operation of many high quality jobs to achieve tight tolerances and fine finishes.  At our customer’s request, we’ve expanded our equipment capabilities to manufacture parts from start to finish.  We’ve enhanced our abilities, but still maintain our high quality, customer service mentality.

LaMott Enterprises future is in place with Chris LaMott (Steve’s son) who will continue to make the company the best it can be for its customers and employees for years to come.


In 1994, LaMott Enterprises, Inc. was founded by three brothers (Gerry, Jim and Steve).

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Centerless Grinding

Our experience in this art form makes us second to none.